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Voice & Singing Workshops with Zalie Bellacicco

13 - 14 May 2009

Voice, body and discovery

A privileged moment to explore the voice with the support of the body. Give body to our voice and let the body to resound, contact its emotional wealth and its vocal creativities... Never force or to force themselves, instead, going towards ourselves, letting the voice coming and playing with her!

At first, to take the time, of a breathing or of a sigh... Then to discover our song are helped by the gesture and the movement of the body. Little by little, feeling the resonances and softly listening sounds, vibrations, of our voice and of this music which is hers.

Breathe, vibrate, resound...

The Vocal Coach/ Therapist

Zalie BELLACICCO is a French national lady and most of all a great Lyrical and jazz Singer. She is a Voice teacher for song, vocal technique and musical for children. She tours France and organized workshop as she is a Gestalt therapist, vocal therapist.

Concerned persons: This workshop is opened to all, that you know how to sing or not, that you dare or do not dare, that you just sing, false, in the tone in rhythm or not. The voice has no limit and we always have to learn it of her.

Photo by Tim Hipps, FMWRC Public Affairs