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Pink Beats

6 Oct 2010

A vocal journey about women, by women and for women! Featuring a sterling line-up of artists in an unforgettable night of music, Pink Beats is a charity concert that is held in benefit of the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation. Come treat yourself to the delights of music with three concerts at The Arts House, performed by a cast of 13 artists, eight nationalities and all Women! You can indulge in Classical and Opera in the historic Chamber, move to the rhythms of Jazz, Blues, Pop and Cabaret in the Living Room, and sing along to the librettos of Operetta in the Blue Room.

Start with your favorite genre and move on to the next, until you have enjoyed all performances in one night!

All based in Singapore, the artists who will dazzle you include Andayoma, jazz singer (France); Florence Coullet, soprano (France); Jeong Ae Ree, soprano (South Korea); Khor Ai Ming, soprano (Singapore); Gabrielle Maes, singer (Canada); Marielle Manet, flutist (France); Christina Maragkaki, pop & blues singer (Greece); Satsuki Nagatome, soprano (Japan); Nicole Stinton, singer (Australia); and Sabrina Zuber, soprano (Italy).

Piano accompaniment is by Francesca Lee (Singapore); Low Shao Ying (Singapore); and Low Shao Suan (Singapore).

All nett proceeds from the ticket sales will be donated to the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation.

A part of Encore! The European season in Singapore.

Choice 1: Chamber / Living Room / Blue Room Choice 2: Living Room/ Blue Room/ Chamber Choice 3: Blue Room/ Chamber / Living Room

Image courtesy of Zurina Bryant
Image courtesy of Zurina Bryant
Pink Beats