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"La Serva Padrona" Opera

23 - 24 Feb 2008
Singapore Art Museum

Two performances of comic intermezzo by Pergolesi “La Serva Padrona”. It is a light and witty opera mingling music with theatre elements of Italian Commedia dell’Arte, sung in Italian.

Composed for three characters: one soprano (Sabrina Zuber), one bass (Daniel Ho) and a mime. Mime will be renowned Italian director Marco Luly, Rome, well known in Singapore too, for his projects with schools and with NAFA Drama section.

Music will be played by a strings quartet together with harpsichord.

The importance of this intermezzo can hardly be overlooked in the history of opera. It was appealing because of its presentation of characters that were relatable to any audience, namely the cunning maid and her aging master. La serva padrona is often seen as the quintessential piece that bridges the gap from the Baroque to the Classical period.The term was used in the 18th century (generally in the plural, ‘intermezzi’) for comic interludes performed between the acts or scenes of an opera seria.

Synopsis: Tired of his petulant ward Serpina, Uberto orders his servant Vespone to find him a wife to improve his domestic environment. However determined that she should remain mistress of the household, Vespina persuades Vespone to dress as a soldier and invoke Uberto’s jealousy by threatening to take her away.

Image courtesy of Anne Valluy
Image courtesy of Anne Valluy
Image courtesy of Anne Valluy