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Fresco Making Workshop

3 - 4 Dec 2010
Singapore National Museum

By Giuseppe Candeloro

Sat 4 Dec & 5 Dec 2010 | 10am – 6 pm (inclusive of 1 hour lunch break) | The Lab, Level 3 Recommended for ages 16 years old and above with basic experience in drawing and painting.

Fresco paintings are among the many paintings which survived from the Roman classical world and these frescoes mostly came from the area of Campania around Naples. Campania includes Pompeii, Herculaneum and other towns whose buildings, paintings, and sculptures were preserved by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE. Frescoes adorned the walls of many houses in Campania as a means to visually open up and lighten the living spaces of the usually claustrophobic, windowless and dark interiors of the houses. Artists either painted directly on the walls or on portable panels. In this introductory-level workshop, participants will learn the principles of fresco painting and the traditional fresco technique by preparing colour pigments and working on the wet plaster. Each participant will create their very own, small decorative ‘buon’ fresco on a wooden panel.

About the Artist Giuseppe Candeloro lives and works in the South-east of Italy and is a member of the Consulting Committee of the C.Barbella Art Museum in Chieti, Italy. An art educator till 1993, Candeloro has also exhibited extensively as a practising fresco artist, including group exhibitions in the principal cultural centres of Italy since 1969 such as the Biennale d’Arte Sacra (Bologna), the Michetti Art Award, the Brunellesco (Florence) and the International Prix for Painting (Vitolini). Candeloro has held solo exhibitions nationally in Milan, Rome and Venice as well as internationally in Ontario, Canada and Offenburg, Germany. Some of his noteworthy works include the “Discorso della Montagna” (The Speech of the Mountain); over 80 sq m of walls in St. Peter’s Church, Lanciano, followed by the frescoes inside a 19th century old church in his home region.

Fresco Making Workshop
Fresco Making Workshop
Image courtesy of National Museum
Image courtesy of National Museum