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COMPAGNIE Mediane (France)

27 - 30 May 2009
Singapore National Museum

Family entertainment show for the Children's Season 2009

Ivi’s character is a sort of jumping jack with a pointed nose and Pinocchio’s innocence. During the show, Ivi grows, learns, makes mistakes.

Funny in his clumsiness, he tries to get dressed, to walk, to fly, only pushed by his urge to get aware of the world and constantly surprised and stimulated by new discoveries. « Ivi, his life » is a visual performance where Catherine Sombsthay, the leader of the company Médiane, plays Ivi, and has decided to put on stage the difficulties of learning, through unusual and aesthetic devices.

Ivi is moving in front of a large screen that he explores back and forth, up and down, from the right to the left, he is a shadow on one side of the screen and real on the other one, while the audience is seated on both sides of it.

"iVi sa vie" - show by Compagnie Mediane - Image courtesy of Bart Kootstra