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Musical Theatre Workshop - upon request!

various schools in Singapore

Why is it that when actors create characters for Musical Theatre they use exactly the same processes as they do for any other (non sung) type of theatre? Perhaps Stanislavski’s System, maybe Strasberg’s Method Acting or possibly Laban’s Kinesthetic Movement?

But what about the Music? Why is it so easy for us to forget the ‘Music’ part when creating our characters, looking for text clues, or understanding the subtext of a musical? Surely the genre must be called Musical Theatre for a reason…

This workshop explores how young actors can combine the well-known realistic and nonrealistic acting techniques with elements of the music to create the most intriguing, in-depth, dynamic characters possible.

Students will explore two to three songs, from different musicals, in the workshop. Typical characterization might focus on: - The popular crowd, including Galinda, from Wicked - The dodgy crowd, including Fagan, from Oliver! - The romantic crowd, including Raoul and Christine, from Phantom of the Opera - The downtrodden crowd, including Annie, from Annie

Students will sing, act and move their way through this fun, experiential and informative workshop.

Musical Theatre Workshop  - upon request!