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Music awareness/voice

various schools in Singapore

WHY This workshop rises from the research and the need to find and get an emotional dimension back in the process of learning and practicing music. Sometimes teaching, learning and practicing music can be felt as boring moments, without excitement. The extreme rigidity of certain experiences doesn’t allow to explore the emotional charge which the practice of such an intimate art can give to who makes it and whoever listens to it. Through activities that have the intention of bringing out the emotional aspect, one’s individual potential can be discovered again and rejoice of the learning.

HOW The sessions will take place in a playful-recreational environment, full of motivation, and will use methodologies close to music, towards the discovery and the development of musical abilities. The main instrument will be the body, in all its expressive possibilities, starting -of course- with the voice. The activities are chosen with regard to the natural process of learning, including moments of listening, active production, exchange, collaboration and sharing.


• Nurturing and enhancing the abilities of expression and musical communication • Understanding and developing self-consciousness, and consciousness of oneself inside a group • Experimenting the sounding potential of the voice and use it in creative production • Using the speech organ properly • Acquiring a conscious ability of music listening, taken from different times and cultures

Conducted by Sabrina Zuber

Anne Valluy
Anne Valluy
Anne Valluy
Anne Valluy