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Dance appreciation

various schools in Singapore

Dance classes in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Latin and Ballroom.

These are pure practical classes for students to learn the physical techniques and style of each genre of dance. These can be individual classes or part of a series and can also be designed to work towards a performance in the chose style.

Contemporary/Creative Dance workshop

The workshop director will guide the student through a series of activities in order for them to create their own piece of choreography. This can be taught as a one off class of 1.5 hours or as part of a series of classes in order to create a more extensive piece of group choreography, which could be presented at the end of the course.

Broadway Jazz/Musical Theatre

The students will learn Broadway repertoire and learn about the show their piece is from, including the style and characterization required to perform it. This can also work in conjunction with a singing musical theatre class. The length of the repertoire can be adjusted to fit the number of classes allocated.

conducted by Karen Lacey

White Noise Creations
White Noise Creations
White Noise Creations